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The TimeLapse App by xyster.net is a pretty neat app that utilises the use of the iPhone's built in camera to take a sequence of photos that are then saved in the iPhone's photo gallery. From there it is easy enough to export the photos and then build your time-lapse video.

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The first thing we love about good apps is the quality of the icon artwork and the TimeLapse app has a great looking icon. The functionality of the app is exactly what we would expect from a time-lapse app, offering a huge amount of settings. 



Depending on the speed of movement in your shot (clouds, people, vehicles) can depend on what intervals you should set your photos for. We found on a real slow moving shot, that 5 second intervals would suffice and on a quicker moving shot we set our iPhone's to 3 second intervals. But in the end it's up to you and what kind of effect you would like to create.

We also found that if you're shooting in a public place with people walking pass that you turn your iPhone on silent so you don't get any funny looks as they walk pass and hear the iPhone's camera sound effect. Obviously when shooting time-lapses we recommend that your iPhone is locked off tight on a tripod or resting somewhere firm as you don't want any movement from wind or vibration.

The app seemed to perform quite well and created beautiful time-lapses. The only criticism we can suggest is the lack of tap to focus control when framing your shot and while the time-lapse is underway, the app sometimes tries to refocus and can be noticed in the exported video. So hopefully those problems can be fixed in upcoming updates.

In the end we were happy with how the app performed and recommend it to anyone interested in shooting time-lapses on the iPhone.

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TimeLapse - xyster.net



To see how easy it is to use Quicktime to create a time-lapse video view the video below.


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